Concerned Ethiopians (CE) is conceived as a non-partisan, non-religious and not-for-profit civil society by concerned Ethiopians. CE arose out of concern over the observable reality of unrelenting ethnic-based violence, genocide, ethnic-cleansing and accompanying human trauma and economic deprivation in many parts of the country.

Concerned Ethiopians overarching goal is to contribute to constructive public dialogue on how Ethiopian society in unison can best focus its intellectual, social and material resources to create sustainable peace and human security that can help the country put itself on a path of self-reliant development and transformation.

Self-reliant development requires the emergence of all people's shared awareness of the common challenges and opportunities facing their country and the role of all citizens in confronting challenges and utilizing the opportunities to promote common interests.

The mobilization of indigenous sensibilities and institutions through direct citizens-government partnerships can play key roles in the emergence of people's shared awareness of their circumstances.

Concerned Ethiopians will exert genuine effort to address the gap in direct citizens-government dialogue, truthful understanding and accountability between citizens and their government. It will also strive to help fill the gap in the government's efforts in information dissemination, public relations internationally, as well as facilitate in strengthening bilateral collaboration.

Concerned Ethiopians will facilitate and be an active contributor to overcome all forms of political exclusion, endemic poverty and deprivation through the creation of a democratic, multi-ethnic, multi-religious republic based on universal principles of human rights and rule of law and political accountability.

In addition, CE will work with civil society groups inside and outside of Ethiopia, to promote truthful and positive images of Ethiopia and to counter falsehoods and anti-Ethiopia propaganda by the country's detractors.