Press Statement from Concerned Ethiopians on Ethiopian government arbitrarily arrests of Citizens.


Concerned Ethiopians organization is very alarmed and disappointed by the recent abduction and arresting of journalists, prominent Ethiopians, and politicians.

The staggering number of abducting and jailing citizens without court warrants is unacceptable. Thousands are in jail without the ability to be accessible on bail and defend themselves. The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission has also expressed its concern about the government's use of unlawful arrest of citizens. 

The government arbitrarily arresting citizens for restraining their voices infringes the Ethiopian Law. The tribunal system that is also not equipped to process mass arrests will further delay citizens' constitutional rights to due process. Unlike countries that respect the rule of law, currently, in Ethiopia, a citizen is guilty until proven innocent.

The promise of the reform that started in 2018 was that no citizen would not be jailed for political reasons. However, abducting and arresting patriotic army veterans like General Tefera Mammo, who has exceptionally contributed to the war's success, and outspoken individuals like Meskerem Abera, Tamerat Negera, Solomon Shumeye, Taye Tantu, etc., will be counterproductive to the advancement of democracy. While the war outcome is uncertain, arresting patriotic citizens that are willing to sacrifice their life for the unity of Ethiopia will also erode further national unity and widens the cynicism gap between citizen and government.

Concerned Ethiopians believe abducting and jailing citizens is unconstitutional and call on Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to rectify the unlawful pattern. We also call on Attorney General Gideon Timothewos to apply the law of the land to free them on bail and defend themselves.


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